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The cost of alarm monitoring

It's hard to say what the cost would be to have an existing alarm set up for monitoring that has not been installed by us, we would need to know if the alarm has a built-in dialler and what the "installers code" has been set to. Also, some companies of dubious intent "lock out" their alarms so no other companies can service them. However, if we have installed a Bosch alarm for you and you had the phone line connected at the time, then there will be no charge for us to connect you up for monitoring.

Here are our monitoring options:

  • Activations We will follow whatever instructions you give us should your alarm activate or we will follow standard practice in the absence of specific instructions.
  • Opens & closes We will log every time your alarm is turned ON/OFF. You can access these and all others via the internet or your iPhone.
  • Maintenance Low battery, power fail etc...we will log and call you between 8.00am and 8.00pm

Everything included with the Classic Monitoring PLUS

  • Night Check Once a night, at your chosen time, we will check that your alarm system has been turned ON and let you know if it hasn't..

Includes everything from Classic Monitoring PLUS we will keep chasing you or your staff (all night if necessary) until your alarm is set.

  • Open Time or First In Time You can also select an Open Time or a First In Time. This means that if someone unsets your alarm outside of those times we will chase up and request the system 'Password' from them and/or let you know who entered or even send your preferred guard to investigate - the choice is yours.

Holiday monitoring is for residential customers only and is pre-paid.

Holiday monitoring is "Classic Monitoring" on a temporary basis. Once set-up (fees apply) you can stop & start whenever you like. Minimum of one month paid in advance.