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Do you need alarm monitoring for your Auckland business? Hines Electrical and Security NZ offer quality security systems installation and alarm monitoring Auckland customers can depend on to keep them safe and secure. We have been in business for over 20 years and offer 24/7 monitored alarm systems across the city.

There are two parts to alarm monitoring:

Firstly there is the “monitoring station” which is like a dedicated call centre that is purpose-built for communicating directly with electronic surveillance systems and has trained staff working in shifts around the clock monitoring this equipment. Then there is the “patrol service”, that’s the big guys that drive around in cars ready to pounce!

It’s important to use specialised companies in each of these roles, not one-size-fits-all companies. You need someone who can provide you with reliable, tamper-proof monitored alarms here in Auckland. Separate companies keep each other honest and mean you have access to information from each rather than tweaked data from one.

People think that the most important part of a burglar alarm monitoring service is how fast the patrol can get to your premise if the alarm activates. It’s not. Let’s be honest, once the burglar trips your alarm he’s going to do a snatch and run (and that’s surely better than taking a long time to clean you out and leave a grotesque mess if you don’t have an alarm) and the chance of him being caught red-handed is very slim. The most important thing is that your property is inspected and cleared before you, your partner, staff or children enter. Also should the burglar have smashed a window or kicked in a door, you won’t want this left unattended.


If you have your alarm system monitored through us, you can use the internet (or our free smart phone app) to log in to your account. This lets you see the current status of your alarm. It allows you to see who has been in and out recently or any activations you may have had. You can also use it to update your contacts details and if you are using our secure path radio monitoring device you can turn your alarm ON or OFF via your smart phone or the internet.

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We consider we are one of the best business and home alarm monitoring companies NZ has to offer.

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