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Home Ventilation

Hines Electrical NZ offers Envirovent home ventilation systems Auckland wide. Improve the air quality of your home getting rid of airborne pollen and dust mites. Reduce the dampness winter brings.

Dampness is not good for your bedding, wardrobe or curtains, not to mention the health of your family. We have researched for the best home ventilation systems NZ has to offer and have gone further afield to recommend the Envirovent UK system.  The system offers both heat recovery ventilation and a heating and ventilation system when a heater is attached.

The facts about

Envirovent is what you need from $1,899 inc GST installed.

We could make all sorts of claims and blast you with health issues and stories regarding condensation or we could send around a pushy salesperson – but that’s not us, we just install good products that work.

No system will 100% eliminate condensation, however, once the Envirovent has had a week to dry our your bedding and wardrobes, there won’t be mush moisture in the air to turn into condensation. However, and this is what you don’t often get told, there will always be a little moisture in your air – that is if you are still breathing!

That small amount of moisture can, on the coldest morning, turn into a very light condensation film on your windows BUT, give it an hour or two after you wake up and it’ll be gone, not left all day to turn into mould on your curtains and furnishings.


The stats

    We install it, you forget it and it works! It is fully automated requiring no intervention.
    Means it's 'up to' 5¢ per day to run the fan – excludes the heater.
    Not in the ducting but safely mounted in the main box itself to temper the air only when required.
    21 to 30 dB @1 meter.
  • If you have a warm roof space you will be using this FREE heat to warm your home in winter. In summer when the heat is excessive the intelligent Envirovent will automatically shut down until the temperature cools to a comfortable level. We do not mislead our customers into thinking that a forced air ventilation system heats your home, they can only do this if the attic air is warmer than the air in your house however usually on winter evenings when you need the warmth this is not the case. In fact if you have heaters on and the air in your house is warmer than the attic then a forced air system will ever so slightly cool your house. However a forced air ventilation system will dry out your home and a dryer home is easier to heat and feels more comfortable than a damp home.
  • A single central outlet means no ducting run all through your roof space
    to be damaged over time.
  • G4 filter also guaranteed for 5 years.
    ALL components that make up the Envirovent can be recycled.