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HyperCore® Series

Designed specifically for our winter conditions, HyperCore® is New Zealand’s best performing heat pump in cold conditions, guaranteed to perform at its peak capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C.


Features & Benefits

heating.jpgNew Zealand’s best heating performance in cold conditions
Unlike other heat pump systems which produce less heat when the outside temperature drops, the HyperCore® Series will perform at it’s rated capacity down to -15°C. HyperCore® is the only heat pump range that can guarantee this kind of performance. HyperCore® is ideal for; locations where the temperature falls below zero, high altitude areas, high humidity areas or if you simply want the best heating performance available.

clean2.jpgHelping asthma and allergy sufferers breath easier
Perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers the HyperCore Series are fitted with advanced filtration systems to provide optimal air quality by filtering and deodorising the air. These two functions work together to remove even the tiniest airborne particles and break them down.


unique.jpgUnique energy saving i-see sensor
Available on the larger GE60, GE71 and GE80 models, the 7-day Timer allows up to four settings per day for seven days. Eliminating the need to set the temperature manually, your heat pump can be set to suit your lifestyle; turn on just before your alarm goes off in the morning, turn off when you go to work, turn on before you arrive home, and turn down for ideal sleep temperature.

quiet3.jpgWhisper quiet operation
The GE Series is designed with comfort in mind. Perfect for bedrooms and living areas, the series starts from barely a whisper. The GE25 and GE33 models register at just 19dBA on their lowest fan speed.


effecient.jpgEnergy efficient
The entire GE Series has been awarded the coveted Energy Star® Mark, the highest energy efficiency award in its category. Additional energy saving features include; iSave Mode allowing quick customisation of your heat pump settings and Econo Cool and energy saving function for cooling in summer.

selfclean2.jpgSelf Cleaning
A self cleaning ozone shower sterilises and deodorises the indoor unit, ensuring that you get clean, fresh air all year round.