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Every time winter rolls around your windows start crying.

You need to do something about that. That dampness is not good. It’s not good for your curtains, wardrobe or bedding, not to mention your health or that of your family.

Hines have technicians that can supply and install the EnviroVent system for you anywhere in Auckland. We are professional, registered electrical contractors, with decades of experience in the industry.

You could be talked into spending a lot more money by companies with big advertising expenses but at the end of the day, it's condensation and its associated problems that you want to control, right?

Enter Hines, one of the top electrical contractors in Auckland.

Our ventilation systems remove excessive condensation in the home, as well as dust, mites and spores. This ensures a healthier, safer environment for you and your family.

Professional Ventilation Systems Installations

Hines provides professional ventilation installation for clients across Auckland. We have been in business for over 20 years, and with over 80 years combined experience between them all, our electrical contractors are experts in their field. We always ensure quality work on every project, every time.

As certified Master Electricians, we do not cut corners. We make sure that your ventilation systems are compliant with industry standards, to guarantee safety and reliability. Our attention to detail ensures that your heating systems are installed exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

We are always punctual, arriving at your premises at the agreed time. If we are delayed for any reason, we will inform you well in advance. We complete all our installation jobs quickly and efficiently and leave the work area spotlessly clean when we have finished.

We value our customers, which is why all of our staff, from our contractors out on the road, to our office staff, are committed to offering the highest level of professional service.

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